“In the crystals we have a clear record of the existence of formative life principle, and, if we can not understand above all the life of crystal - it is still a living being. Crystals are living beings in the beginning of creation.”
                                                              – Nikola Tesla (1856.-1943.)

Biocrystal solutions master product developers have spent years experimenting with different combinations of crystals to find the perfect balance. Crystals are manually processed by specially trained master expert who has dedicated his whole life to this skill, in order to improve and enhance the health and quality of human life.

We take the utmost care in creating the Crystal – it takes between 140 and 160 working hours to produce each insert because the crystals are activated in a special way, and that is what makes our products unique in the world. Crystal inserts help to protect you from all hazardous radiation and heal your body, each night and every day.

Sleeping on Biorystal Solutions inserts brings deeper, relaxing sleep, an improved mood and youthful appearance. The benefits of sleeping on crystals extend into your improved life through greater health and happiness.

Biocrystal Solutions inserts contain crystals, minerals and noble metals, which are filled in the sunlight and activated in the presence of a man. The crystals are especially effective when used over a longer time, they have no harmful effects and protect against all types of radiation in a 180 cm radius. They developed from the mineral world in the Earth’s crust. The nature gave them to us to be healthier and happier, to raise the quality of life and ultimately to harmonize with our nature. Biocrystal Solutions products contain – 17 sorts of crystals from different parts of the world (Madagascar, Uruguay, China, Russia, Brazil, South America…).

The positive effects of crystals on health are well known. High strength crystalline network acts on the physical, emotional and mental states. They help with health problems and health care. Minerals and crystals that are in the mineral part of Earth, were here long before us and in some way they met, grew and evolved along with man. Due to its geometric structure and internal atom motion, crystals constantly produce and exude a powerful energy field while retaining its own energy level and are able to energize and harmonize the field to which it is in contact, including the human biofield.

Crystals and minerals have been used for many years for healing in Crystalotherapy. Its suppression of vibrations stimulates man's capacity for self healing. Their vibrations are very harmonious, emit heat energy and act on individual human organs. When the man's energy is in balance, in the physical world that manifests as health.

Crystals and minerals in BioCrystal Solutions inserts balance and strengthen the body’s energy and regenerate the state of bioenergy field. This improves general health and also protects from the natural and technical radiation, combining in a unique manner the achievements of modern technology with ancient knowledge about crystals.

BioCrystal Solutions inserts create a strong vibrational field around the body. Depending on the person who lies down on Crystal, the energy flows through the energy centers of the body, there are certain sensations such a sense of peace, relief, heat in the palms and feet, numbness, drowsiness, relaxation, etc.



Chronic back pain, neck pain or lower back pain

Circulation problems and insomnia

Difficulty breathing and pressure in the chest

Alleviate headaches and migraines

Strengthens the muscular system

Rest and relaxation

Protects against electromagnetic, groundwater and cosmic radiation, and supports and strengthens the immune system

Cleans and full balances your energy field (aura) and energy centers (chakras)

Helps with energy recovery of the body which is very important in recovery after surgery, cancer treatment and chronic diseases

Creates a positive atmosphere, a peaceful dreams and deeper rest during the night

Emotionally calming, helps overcome depression, sadness and fear

Increases psychic and spiritual abilities

Acts on the emotional / mental alignment

Reduces hyperactivity in children

Encourages creativity

Effects on the ability to improve memory and faster learning


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