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Technical specification: 
SleepmBiocrystalPad is a product, which physically consists of two layers made of synthetic self-adhesive material of good conductivity:  the upper and lower outer shell. Between these two layers is implemented SleepmBiocrystal® - intelligent crystal mixture.  
SleepmBiocrystalPad is created, designed and intended for implementation into bedding products, mattresses, toppers and pillows, therefore it comes in two different sizes: 45 x 75 (cm) for mattresses and toppers and 45 x 19 (cm) for pillows. 
Added value: 
SleepmBiocrystalPad is the world’s first high-efficient component for bedding products, made to offer an active support to a user and provide an easy recuperation and energy activation process. 
What makes the Sleepm Pad unique is SleepmBiocrystal® - powerful crystal mixture made of 16 natural crystals, carefully selected according to their positive effects. 
The SleepmBiocrystalPad is carefully designed to offer the best possible sleep, and bring you the benefits of an active bed with a positive effect on human’s organism.  
When SleepmBiocrystalPad is implemented into in pillows, toppers and mattresses, it  allows the bed to become a place of relaxation and a place that improves the overall body energy after constant use. The bed becomes a place of active treatment through the night.  
After using products with SleepmBiocrystalPad inside, a person will wake up with feeling of much more energy and will be able to detain this energy during the day.   
This is how SleepmBiocrystalPad is implemented into the mattress: 
Sleepm Pad is usually placed into the middle zone of the mattress and user's body, so it covers all the vital organs and therefor provides a smooth impact to activating the energy flow through the body.

Key benefits of BiocrystalPad 

✓ Improves sleep quality by enabling better and deeper sleep;

✓ Activates the energy flow through the body and establishes an energy balance

✓ Reducies the influence of stress (lessening the stress state)

✓ Enables a unique experience of sleeping and an easy waking up;

✓ Scientifically proven and recommended by doctors;

✓ Unique product that brings the power of crystals into your bed; 

SleepmBiocrystalPad proven to work 

Products enriched with SleepmBiocrystal® are constantly being tested and with their efficiency re-proved again and again. 
The main effects to experience after a continuous usage of products with SleepmBiocrystalPad implemented are: 
• intensive relaxation of human’s body,  

• rising human energy,  

• lessening the stress state and

• improved sleep quality. 
The latest scientific report for long term clinical testing of SleepmBiocrystalPad (March 2019, World organisation of natural medicine) showed that this product met all the criteria required to obtain the Certificate for improving sleep quality as compared to regular bed. 
Products enriched with Sleepm BiocrystalPad are recommended by many doctors with various fields of expertise (such as internal medicine, plastic surgery, radiology, physiotherapy, pediatrics, etc…) as a „must have" product to anyone who wants a better quality of life, a peaceful and serene sleep and to wake up easier than before, feeling energized and ready to deal with everyday challenges.


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